Leveling up is a women’s self-improvement movement. The goal is to assess yourself honestly and commit to becoming the best version of yourself. While the move may still be exclusively feminine, the concept is ungendered. Here are some ways any man can instantly level up.

Gym Membership

Hold up! Understand me! You do not need an eight pack of abs and obliques. You do not need to be able to rip layered phone books in twain. There is no need to become a gym rat victim to your image, that reeks of insecurity, honestly. Physical fitness is the goal. If you can jog a few miles without quitting, that is impressive endurance and heart health attractive to any woman worth her salt. Sedentary lifestyles have weakened us. Desk jobs and the “quarantine 15” don’t help either. You can have a total “dad bod,” my partner does, and I think it’s sexy. A Fit Dad body says, “I’ve got too much to do to be a gym bum, but I’ll hurt you good if you come for my family.” That is all that is required. If you amp this up with a physical trainer, you can see results in a little as one month. Again, and instant level up.

A decorative muscle mass should not be the goal. Being able to knock out another man if need be and getting your family to safety should be.

Gun License/Ownership

gun ownership

Nothing says masculinity like a little justified shoot them up bang-bang!

We love “stand your ground” laws because they enable us to protect that which we love the most, our property, our families, ourselves. Don’t be some weakling caught with an illegal firearm who ends up in jail unable to fend for the family that belongs to you. Do things the right way. Fill out the proper documents and head down to your county courthouse or whatever government satellite you can get to and become a licensed gun owner. Cultivate the skill of marksmanship so you can be ready to aim and fire on anyone coming sideways and that which you have accumulated of, property, love, and family.

Committing Yourself to Read New York Times Best-selling Books


This one is perhaps the most significant challenge I have presented thus far but the most rewarding. Self-capital is the investment you make in yourself. You owe it to yourself to exercise your brain, especially if you want to qualify as any woman or family leader. By reading and comprehending best-selling authors’ works, you are eligible yourself to contribute value to conversations and culture. These authors move the culture and allow us to make sense of both past and current events. They also introduce us to trends that will likely emerge in the future. You don’t want to be in a discussion full of people where The 48 Laws of Power is mentioned and now nothing of the topic. Don’t let a conversation about any of Robert Greene’s books creep up on you without some kind of wherewithal. From Bitcoin to technology wars and politics, these books can put you ahead of the curve and earn you respect in any English-speaking circle.

Enroll in Therapy

black men get therapy

I am positive that this is the most challenging numerical point for the male ego, but enrolling in therapy will put you above the curve because so many men refuse this. So many men use the women in their lives effectively as therapists. The issue arises when you drain her or she sees you differently than what she used to. You do not want a woman who looks up to you to see you as fragile or unstable suddenly. She will go from being your lover to being your mother, and there is nothing sexy about that. Get a therapist. Speak to someone. Process the hardships of your childhood as well as your daily life. Therapy allows you to speak about trauma from the standpoint of the victor and not the victim. The victim and the victor can tell the same story, but boy, do they sound different. Thanks to Obama Care, therapy is something anyone of any income can achieve.

Look the Part

look the part

Dear Black men especially, being a 35-year-old in Jordan’s is not the move. We don’t care if you are wearing Yeezy’s on your feet as much as we care about whether or not you are a homeowner with a mortgage you can handle. Having your net worth on your feet is a desperate plea to society to value you. Value yourself. I understand that some people genuinely love shoe-game. Others, however, are trying to keep up with the Joneses, and this results in several missed opportunities to invest your wealth in that which would increase your wealth. Most men of means are not dressed like peacocks unless they are some kind of herpes wielding entertainer trying to attract the youngest dumbest girl they can find to infect.