Uppity Unicorn


Suprisingly a formerly impoverished inner city child was destined to become a globetrotting model, actress, choreographer, song writer, and spoken word artist. Before completing my undergraduate education at the University of Washington, I had been to several countries on the continent of Africa finding myself the subject matter of several news articles from cover story to centerfold in publications like the Seattle-PI, to Colors Northwest Magazine, receiving honorable mentions in a book written by Africa’s most decorated journalist, Ethar Al-Katatney, a friend more like a sister to the formerly veiled sufi.


“O The bowels of those that swallow their own authenticity…”

My Story

Uppity Unicorn is the brand and brainchild of  me, Choclit’ Angel Handley, born and raised in Seattle,Washington.

From interviews as a public speaker for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-Seattle) to grassroots activism and organization with the NAACP and Black Student Union of my Alma Mater, I  found myself, at 18 years old, to become the target of a death threat from the Klu Klux Klan. It was this idealism that earned the  respect among some of the world’s most well known Islamic Scholars and African American activists.

The death of my only child lead me on a journey of self discovery including homelessness and mental helplessness. This led me to advocate a new cause, mental fitness.

Today I offer anecdotal advice as a YouTube Partner to people I believe I can guide to the other side of self actualization, like Harriet Tubman with the enslaved in the American south, to their freedom in the north.

I currently reside in an undisclosed location with my partner.

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