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Top 3 Traits of High Quality People

Top 3 Traits of High Quality People

Everybody's life is spent in the search for self-fulfillment; however, not everybody reaches his goal. The man or lady who prospers is an individual who has realized that satisfaction does not arise simply from being efficient at some point, yet likewise from being a...

5 Signs You’ve Leveled Up

1. Your Social Group Will Shift Out with the old and in with the new. You’ll find yourself moving from past relationships and forming new ones. 2.Crisis of Confidence You may suddenly feel overwhelmed or out of place. Chances are, you’ve up-leveled without realizing...

Why are you so Mad?

Horn's up! I have been listening to Rupaul Music lately. The Drag-Goddess lightens my emotional load whenever I need her to. For much of my life I struggled with dangerously low self esteem, which means, processing the envy and jealousy of onlookers beguiled me. I...