Being the yin and not the yang more often than not.

It is important to humble yourself and learn from other nations and ethnicities of women whose history and current conditions have spared them from the harshness and masculinity that has been thrust upon us as women.

Japanese and Korean women are ultra feminine. Their near extreme femininity is a great remedy for quickly countering the masculinity forced upon us as women due to poverty and lack of masculine male leadership in some of our lives.

Don’t be afraid to study and imitate these women because they aren’t afraid to study and imitate you this benefiting from your culture even to the point of cultural appropriation at times.

From Korea to Japan you can find the music food and fashions created by African American women being enjoyed by people the world over.

I call my own personal method “admire and acquire” jealousy won’t last if you are willing to be successful in your level up journey .
Emulating their extremely soft and girlie mannerisms will counter some of our own harsh mannerisms .

Their cultural regimens for extreme beauty and skin care can enhance our own.

In reality AA women are plenty feminine but we have terrible PR so we almost need to exaggerate it to send the message that we aren’t feminists who will protest a man paying our tab, pulling out our chair, or holding the door for us .

Remind yourself with wall decorations to be all things yin avoiding yang

To see things repeatedly causes messages to reach the subconscious mind. Once a message swells beyond the conscious mind to the subconscious mind it becomes a deeply and sincerely held belief/conditioned learned response.

1. Avoid being loud in public places unless you need some kind of emergency help

2. This one is annoying but true: smile more. That resting b**** face protects to us from harm by driving people away but remember it is designed to drive people away … actively Make mental checks of how you are holding your face. You don’t want to run off mutually beneficial relationships.

3. Apologize. When. You. Are. Wrong. Admit it. Own it.