All over the internet Black American men and women are at odds with how to conduct themselves in interpersonal relationships. Men want traditional women (cooking, cleaning, homebodies) but do not want to be traditional men in terms of being the sole provider responsible for the cost and standard of living financially. Women on the other hand are pressuring men to put up with physical appearances and communication styles they find unbecoming of a woman.

African American Men & Women: The Division

One side cries “protector! provider!” while the other side scolds in the words of Kevin Samuels. “Fit! Feminine! Friendly!” Personally, I take it as a red flag if a man is a Kevin Samuels fan and speaks to me directly with Kevin Samuels speaking points. It is not that I disagree wholly with the twice-divorced YouTube content creator, it’s the fact that his brand is bloodsport. The name of his game is humiliation and African American Women are his target for all manner of layered vitriol. As a self-respecting African American Woman, I refuse to engage that kind of energy head-on. I am wary of people who excuse poor manners when it comes to engaging vulnerable others. I don’t do mean girls of any kind, male or female.

Black Men and Women: A Solution

Black men are asking black women a question they do not ask other races of women “What do you bring to the table?” From beauty to education they are told their answers are not enough. In truth, there is no right answer to this question. Its open-ended nature is a setup for those who answer, to fail. In reality, men prefer beauty over all other attributes of a woman’s person. Many are the men who put themselves in a failed predicament due to a woman’s beauty.

Black men want Submission

Requiring submission from a woman as these men do, requires an exchange: He must take on the woman’s financial burden of beautification. This includes all manner of domicile, food, gym memberships, and salon spas if. “fit, feminine and friendly” is what he truly desires. Does this sound like a reach? Before you decide, watch this video, then let me know what you think in the comments section below.