The Art of Seduction is the second book by American author Robert Greene. The book examines social power through the lens of seduction and was an international bestseller. The Art of Seduction is much more than about sexual seduction, it’s about how to seduce anyone, politically, socially, and yes, sexually.

What is Chapter 1 of the Art of Seduction About?

Devoted to a lengthy description of the eighteen different types of potential victims: people to seduce. A warning opens the section: “never try to seduce your own type.” The reason for this is because, “you will be like two puzzles missing the same pieces” and therefore ineffective in fulfilling each other’s needs.
The eighteen potential victim types are:

  • The Reformed Rake or Siren
  • The Disappointed Dreamer
  • The Pampered Royal
  • The New Prude
  • The Crushed Star
  • The Novice
  • The New Prude
  • The Crushed Star
  • The Novice
  • The Professor
  • The Beauty
  • The Aging Baby
  • The Rescuer
  • The Roue
  • The Idol Worshiper
  • The Sensualist
  • The Lonely Leader
  • The Floating Gender