Ladies, I love us, but with all due respect: take a bath. The only thing more important than looking the part is smelling the part. The Scent of Seduction is a powerful thing. Yes, seduction has a smell. Sure it is laborious to smell good at all times or to shower more than once a day, but would you rather shower twice a day or work in food service? I’ll wait. Still here? OK, great!

Something I learned about the more religious muslim women who abide by the ancient scriptures of their culture is that they are not allowed to wear perfume to the mosque or anywhere in public. Their prayers will not be accepted by Allah if they wear perfume to the mosque (until they remove it) because the seduction of smell is powerful enough to coax a man to betray himself with sexual sins that make him forget himself, his wife, and even his God temporarily.

The Scent of a Seductress

In the middle east, a seductress can be a woman whose face and full body you have never seen, but eyeliner and perfume is how she comes about her victims. I have seen muslim women walk past men in full niqaab which is a garment they use to cover not merely what the standard hijab covers, but all of the body save the eyes. I’ve seen men distracted by the scent of women’s conditioner after a good shower. So much so, that they inquired about the woman (for marriage) after the prayer. Behold: this is the power of scent. The combination of sensual scents on a mysterious woman is too much to bear for heterosexual men, without exception. If he gives you the double take, as in looks at you more than once, ladies, we know what he’s thinking.

Indeed, there was a study done with sweaty men and women wherein they are able to shower, exercise, then exchange t-shirts. By scent alone, they chose for themselves partners that they were physically and emotionally compatible with. Do you follow? Great, I will link a similar study below.

seductive scent

Mate Selection by Scent.

Now of course that is the height of chemistry and something related more to pheromones secreted which is natural, but when you want to fake or force attraction, wash your body, cleanse your mouth, and invest in a dark musky perfume that has staying power.
I will allow Bath and Body Works but if you smell like anything from the fruity variety of Victoria’s secret, to the back of the class you go, face the wall (walks over with high heels clacking, secures a dunce hat onto your head in disappointment and walks away).

Teen Spirit is a Song, Not a Scent

It’s tacky to walk around smelling like high school. Teen spirit is an iconic song but not so much an iconic smell. It is better to smell like standard ivory soap from a fresh bath then it is to smell like something super cheap and fruity. Of course, when you want to go in for the kill, oil based perfumes (‘oud) with musky scents are captivating, but when you cannot afford a $400 dollar bottle of dossier, I recommend doing things around your home that become your “base scent” We all know people who smell like their homes, whether it is spicy, fishy, greasy, musty etc.

Something I learned from the incredibly desirable women of Somalia is to burn bakhoor. As an African American I have always been a burner of incense and sage. However, these incense sticks are more cheaply made and have less staying power than bakhoor. Sure my sage is of the best California Quality but after burning it I smell more like an apothecary than a seductress.

Smoked Out Scent

As you burn your bakhoor after cooking, cleaning, etc. your curtains, carpets, cushions, and clothing will “learn” to retain the smell so much so that even after laundry there are hints of the smell leftover. You are essentially smoking yourself out so to speak. The way a smoker can’t seem to smell right, is the exact way you won’t seem to be able to smell wrong when you pick this up as a habit. I will link you to some bakhoor down below.

Some scents are amazing but disagreeable to you or on you. For example I smell divine in the original Dolce’ and Gabbana perfume/lotion but my mother smells best in their Light Blue Collection, citrus smells work for her but on me, I just smell like lemons. So what do you do when you do not yet know what your body chemistry is compatible with? You go with what works in general.

Vanilla – The Safest Scent for a Seductress

The one scent no man disagrees with is : Vanilla. This is my gift to you. The more you know. Men, nearly unanimously, are attracted to and seduced by the scent of warm vanilla activated by a woman’s neck and bosoms. If you must go with a cost effective smell, gather some vanilla things for yourself: soaps, deodorant, body spray, perfume, conditioner, etc. because you literally smell good enough to eat in vanilla. It is a natural earthy smell that is hardly denied by anyone.