So I ruined my morning in more ways than one. Today was a good day (thanks Ice Cube) so please do not misunderstand, it is just that I could have been a much better steward of my time. I decided to go over those mistakes in this blog post and remind you as I remind myself.

Do Not Go Back to Sleep.

Living in quarantine means we have a bit more freedom with our time. At Least for most of us who are non essential workers (and thank you to  those that are). I have repeatedly made the mistake of being awake enough to begin my day, then deciding to continue laying in bed surfing the interwebs until I have put myself back into the stupor of slumber. For me it is the difference between beginning my day at 6am or beginning the day at 10am (breakfast easily becomes brunch by this time. There is an ancient middle eastern saying that begs the question, “Why do sheep outnumber dogs even though dogs give birth to litters while sheep give birth to one lamb at a time?” When I first heard this the hair on the back of my neck stood it. Then it is answered, “Because the dog barks all night then sleeps at dawn, whereas the sheep wakes and is productive prior to the dawn and after it.” So the sheep have superior time management skills to the pups. Interesting right? Right.

If you are waking up at 1am or 3am then by all means, to go back to sleep. Beauty sleep is actually a thing. However, If I wake up at what some call “The Witching Hour” or 3am, I stay awake because my hypersensitivity to spiritual activity at that time of morning will stir me to wake one way or another. I prefer avoiding sleep paralysis…

Do Not Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach

We owe our bodies and apology for doing this. The truth is, at times, I am just too lazy to chew, I do not want breakfast until I am ready for it, yet and still I am barely functional without my cuppa. I’ve decided to drink a warm glass of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice first thing in the morning just to communicate to my body that I thank it for carrying me through this life. Aside from fasting, this is probably one of the best things you can do for your body. I won’t create a listicle here of why you should drink warm lemon water instead of hot or cold coffee first thing in the morning but google is your friend, go for it. I speak to my body as if we are separate entities because I believe that. So I communicate as such and try to build a relationship with my body wherein I have mercy upon it and take care of it for taking care of me. Of course you should eat breakfast but you really do not have to until you are ready. You want coffee? Fine, but first, try this warm drink as a morning dedication to the temple that houses your very soul.

Use that Energy!

Once I have my coffee I’m Wonder Woman’s sister Nubia. Energetic as a toddler for between 3 to 5 hours. However, I spent that time today writing, editing, answering messages and the like, instead of using that precious energy to get a heart healthy working out. I got my workout in, but because the energy high was gone it was hard to get through so I stopped half an hour in (which is ok, but not ideal. A half hour is all you need for heart health but if you are overweight like me then that qualifies as a definite fail). This afternoon’s cardio exercise was much harder than it is when I’m fully possessed by the energy of Sasha Fierce. I sat in a chair for hours only to eat and nap to energize myself again. This is the source of  “quarantine weight” for so many of us.

I am happy to say that prayer (morning meditation of sorts) is a regular habit of mine so it is not something I ever really miss. Creating new habits however is a real pain considering it takes a minimum of 21 days to create and claim a habit. Meditation and visualization is one of the most powerful things you can do in the morning as well as whenever your mind wanders. See your day as you wish it would be, see yourself as your self actualized self. Thank everything and every being you can think of. It swells the heart with joy and hope. Quarantine has followed us into 2021, it is not leaving anytime soon. Depression related to being quarantined and isolated has had such a detrimental effect on the world’s people in the form of depression that we need to practice these mind exercises in order to stay healthy and sane. Here’s to never making these mistakes again but forgiving ourselves in case we do.

Horn’s up!